We Need to Demand More for Indigenous Women


Maura Finnegan, Writer

The third leading cause of death for indigenous women is murder. In 2016 five thousand seven hundred and twelve Native American women and girls were reported missing or murdered. Non-Native people on Native-owned land committed the majority of these murders. Very few news outlets and people of power talk about or even recognize these events. Native American women face murder rates that are more than ten times the national average. People in positions of power and news outlets don’t talk about the slaughter of these women because people don’t care what happens on the impoverished land that the government has “given” to America’s indigenous people. 40% of Native youth live in poverty, and no one in a powerful position cares enough to bring this issue to an end. Instead, our government did things like blowing up sacred Native land to build a border wall between America and Mexico and attempting to put pipelines through the land of Native American tribes in Montana and South Dakota. This is the treatment that we give to the groups of people that lived peacefully and happily in this country before European colonization. Organizations like MMIW and many others that care about, and are somewhat run by, Indigenous people who are sick and tired of the trauma that our European ancestors and we as “Americans” have put them through. If you care too and want to know more, you can visit MMIW’s site https://mmiwusa.org/