The Change That is Way Overdue


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Rear view of large group of students raising their arms to answer the question on a class at elementary school.

Meredith Gaines, Writer

The Cartersville High School Dress Code is unfair and should be edited. The dress code states that,” Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be long enough to be below fingertips when shoulders are relaxed.” The fingertip rule unfairly targets female students. A person may be born with long arms and, therefore, may have to wear a dress that is below their knees. Another girl may have been born with short arms and can wear shorts or skirts that show too much skin. I understand that showing too much skin is a problem that needs to be prevented, but there are other ways to combat this issue. Girls have been wearing jeans and leggings to school ever since this rule was set in place. We understand that we can wear shorts, skirts, and dresses, but the fingertip rule makes this a challenge. Girls are stuck wearing uncomfortable jeans and leggings in the middle of the summer while boys wear shorts. Girls are unlikely to wear knee-length shorts and skirts. The rule should be changed to shirts with leggings that cover your bottom. Dresses should be worn no shorter than a dollar above your knee. It could also be changed so that shorter things can be worn if they are not skintight. Fashion these days is short. Short shorts, short shirts, and short skirts and dresses. Cartersville High School’s restrictive dress code makes it hard for a girl to shop and, more importantly, feel great in what they purchase. There are several ways the dress code could be amended, but it definitely cannot stay the way it is currently!