Dress Code is Unfair to Women


Keila Flores, Writer

Dress code is a set of rules, it’s a manner of how a female or male are supposed to dress. Though for girls, dress code is way stricter. I believe that dress code against any gender is unnecessary. Unless it is for work. Work is based on the company and so on, they don’t focus on bodies and distractions. But dress code especially in a school zone is so difficult. Teachers or administrators always say “Your body is distracting” or “You’re showing too much skin” etc. Women put clothes on for the sole purpose of feeling confident. We are told men can’t hold back if we are showing our shoulders, knees, thighs, or if our shirt isn’t covering our bottoms.

Woman should never just be seen for our bodies.

If you send a girl home for what she is wearing in school, you are telling her that boys need a “distraction free” learning environment and that is more important than her education, and same thing goes for the boys. Girls should not be sexualized. We don’t wear things for the satisfaction of others. But simply because we love that outfit. Instead of shaming girls for their body and or clothes, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects. Everyone has gotten so used to being bossed around because men can’t handle themselves. It isn’t all guys. Then again, I am starting to believe teachers care more than the actual guys do. This isn’t normal.

No one should be afraid of what they wear because of the thought of people talk might think too much of it. Dress code has gotten worse and worse over the years. It has become just unfair. Guys RARELY get dress coded and if they do, it’s because their shirt says something inappropriate. Truth is, it’s even outside of school purposes. Older women are afraid of the outside world. And it truly is not fair. I once saw a viral video which quoted “If there were no men in the world for 24 hours, what’s one thing you would do?” and all the comments were flooded with “I would go out for a late-night walk.” That’s so sad. Women are even afraid to walk outside alone.

This piece is not mean to push blame on either gender or administrators/ teachers etc. I get it, you’re doing your job. Though you should know what’s right and what’s wrong. Girls are mainly the ones that get seen that way, some get treated awfully. Guys weren’t just born to see that towards girls. The way they were raised is a big part on how they act.

Dress code is unfair and should genuinely be equivalent. We shouldn’t have to worry about wearing something that wouldn’t satisfy you and anyone else. End of story.