Dear Chip #17: “The True Ones Who Are Meant to Be in Your Life Will Make Their Way Back”

Dear Chip #17:

Dear Chip,

You know “teenage love”? It sucks, especially at a young age. I fell in love, truly. You know people don’t believe it and say you could never, you yet to even know the meaning of love. It isn’t true. I don’t believe I am IN love with .. let’s name him J… I do love him you know? but I don’t believe he is my person, at least not anymore. Young love is so confusing, every single teen is growing up and realizing what they want how they want etc. I used to think it was right person wrong timing. I guess I still do. J has done so much damage to me, mentally that is. I lost trust in people, I began to believe everyone would do what he had done. My heart used to ache at thinking of him. Tears would fill my eyes when our mutual friends brought him up. I don’t hate people , I just don’t believe in hatefulness. Though I thought hating him was easier than loving him. So I did. We see each other around the halls, never speak, i don’t check on him and he doesn’t check on me. I hope he learns to cherish the best parts of life. I hope he succeeds in everything he loves to do. I hope he gets everything in life. I hope he has the best senior year next year, I hope he gets into the college he’s dreamt of, I hope he gets every car he’s ever wanted, he loves them. Anyways, life got so much better, I am happy! I have lovely friends, I have an amazing family, and so on. But there are times I still think back.

I guess my question is, have you ever lost anyone, maybe not by death but by y’alls connection? possibly a sibling, a parent, friend, significant other, or a cousin. did it break your heart? how’d you function with your heart aching?

Sincerely, the person missing you



Dear the person missing you,

I was able to connect your letter on a personal level. When I was in fifth grade, I went to Cartersville Elementary School. I left Cartersville Elementary School and went to Excel Christian Academy for all of middle school. Little did I know that when I came back to the Cartersville City Schools System in high school, I would meet the girl who I met in elementary school, and we would become best friends after six years of not being in contact with each other.

In fifth grade, my best friend and I really did not talk to each other, but we had mutual friends and some of the same teachers. I remember seeing her around Cartersville Elementary, but we never truly spent time together because we were not close. Fast forward to freshman year, it so happened that we had Spanish 1 together. We began talking then both of us started to vaguely remember each other. Now, we are best friends, and I am so glad that we were able to make it back into each other’s lives because we get along well and always have a great time.

My message to you is that in the end if someone is meant to be in your life somehow or someway, they always make an appearance. I would not worry about past relationships, whether they be friendly or romantic, because in the end, everything will work itself out. The true ones who are meant to be in your life will make their way back, and when they do, they will stay.