Dear Chip #10: “It Does Get Better”

Dear Chip #10: It Does Get Better

Dear Chip,
This is my fist year in high school and this is a pretty crazy year to go into what some people call the worst four years of their lives. So far, high school has been crazy, stressful, and no fun. I have a lot of tests and quizzes every week. I know you can not fix my workload, but how should I go about making school less stressful and enjoy high school?
Overwhelmed Student


Dear Overwhelmed Student,

This is a hard year for High School. I am a Junior and it has been one of the most confusing years of High School for me and probably everyone no matter what year you are. But don’t let it overwhelm you it does get better. My freshman year was confusing and weird, but I had a good group of friends and people to help me get me through it. I would recommend keeping your grades up and stay out of trouble. High School can be great, and most years aren’t like this one. Also, for overwhelming amounts of work while you’re in school or at home. I recommend just take a break occasionally and don’t cram it all into one day and relax some. Take your classes seriously so you won’t fall behind in them but don’t let it control your life. My freshman year I used to stress out and I had no fun, but I began hanging out with friends and I started doing fun extracurricular activities to balance out the amount of work I had, and it helped me. If it ever gets out of control you can talk to your teacher or to someone else about it. But try not to let one bad year decide how you will look at High School it has been the best years for me so far. There have been some ups and downs, but it is worth it in the end.