Are Ripped Jeans Appropriate?

Devanie Collier, Writer

Dress code is probably one of the biggest debates in schools everywhere. Whether it negatively affects girls or boys. Both must follow a specific attire, but the real issue is that students don’t get to express themselves as an individual entirely. A lot of the dress code applies to girls. Girls may not wear tank tops; when they wear leggings, they must have on a shirt/top that is fingertip length, and when wearing shorts or skirt, they have to be fingertip length or the width of a dollar dill from the knee. But I feel one of the biggest arguments is over ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans are a big part of fashion, sense there come back in 2010. You really can’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing them, whether it be male or female. Different schools have different policies about ripped jeans. Some schools even allow students to wear them. If you think about it, you probably have more ripped jeans than regular jeans.

Some teachers say that the dress code is there to prepare students for the real world and jobs. I think ripped jeans should be allowed, but there should be some restrictions. Like the holes can’t be above the knee, and any holes above must be patched. Many teachers would agree that if the schools allow the students to wear ripped jeans, they will find some way around it.