A Strict Dress Code


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Sydney Rhodes, Writer

Cartersville Highschool has a very strict dress code. Some dress code rules are no holes in jeans; shirts must be fingertip length if you are wearing leggings, no nose piercings, no shorts skirts or dresses that are shorter than fingertip length, and spaghetti strap shirts. These are just a few of the many dress code requirements. If a student gets dress coded, they will be taken out of class and go to the attendance building.  If a student cannot transform their clothes to fit the dress code, the student will have to sit in ISS  (in-school suspension) for the rest of the day. I’m afraid I have to disagree with some of the dress code expectations at Cartersville Highschool. The dress code is way too strict. I can’t entirely agree with the rules because it makes clothes so much harder to find. Also, it makes the students not be able to express themselves. Another reason I disagree with the dress code punishment. When the student has to go to ISS, they miss a whole day of learning.