FAB Wednesday…Fail or Fabulous!?

Insight into a teacher’s and student’s thoughts on FAB Wednesday

FAB Wednesday...Fail or Fabulous!?

Lollie Dawson, Writer

Every Wednesday, students stay in their study hall class and work on their classes digitally until 12:30. They use computers provided by the school to complete their work, which is assigned by teachers online. This is called FAB Wednesday. Students who need extra help with subjects stay after 12:30 for a tutoring session. Last year, FAB was different. Students would go to every single class for 20 minutes. This makes FAB Wednesday new to everyone this year. A teacher, Mrs. Hawn, and a student, Rhegan Gage, share their insight on the first FAB Wednesday of this year. Mrs. Hawn answered half of the questions and Rhegan Gage answered the other half to give both points of view.


Mrs. Hawn’s opinion of FAB Wednesday:


 Was it hard to keep your class under control during FAB?

Mrs. Hawn: No, because they were fantastic.

 Was FAB this year harder or easier than FAB last year?

Mrs. Hawn: I thought it was a little less tiring this year, staying in one spot. I thought it might be harder because I have 9th graders, but it turned out great.

How did you feel about the new online approach to FAB Wednesday?

Mrs. Hawn: I was initially kind of nervous about it, but then it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

Overall, how did your first FAB Wednesday of this year go?

Mrs. Hawn: It went great. It was a ten out of ten, highly recommend. I think we should have FAB every week.

 Were there any technology issues you had to deal with?

Mrs. Hawn: Yes, indeed there were some technology issues that we had to deal with.


Rhegan Gage’s opinion of FAB Wednesday:


What was the hardest thing about FAB?

Gage: The hardest thing about FAB is getting all your work done in a short amount of time, because the teachers gave a lot of work.

Was work hard to keep up with?

Gage: Work was a little hard to keep up with because of the amount that they gave us.

 Did you feel like you needed more time to finish your classes?

Gage: I think I needed maybe like 15 more minutes to finish each class.

 What did you like about FAB?

Gage: I liked not having to carry my bag with me when I go to each class.

 What did you dislike about FAB?

Gage: I did not like how quiet it was in class throughout the whole day.