Art Club: An Interview with Alicia Murray

An Interview with Mrs. Murray


Row of artist paint brushes on background

Jackson N. Evans, Writer

Art. By definition, it means, the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, but it’s so much more. It’s not just about skill. Art’s about expressing how you feel or how you see the world, not about what your skill level is. Anyone can create art, whether it’s in the form of music, dance, literature, or actual art (painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.). There are places one could go to when wanting to express themselves like museums, poetry readings, workshops, or clubs. Each will provide a different experience depending on what said person wants.

Alicia Murray is a teacher at Cartersville High School as well as an artist. She has created several pieces throughout college and now sells them, as well as other items, on her website,, and her shop, anotherviceshop. Mrs. Murray has agreed to an interview to help us understand her better as an artist.

What kind of art do you make?

I am a painter because that’s what I got my masters in, so I paint mainly in acrylics. Um, I like liquid-text markers, that kind of thing. Mine is more like a… it’s almost like you do a collage with magazines. I do collage with images but through painting.

Do they have a specific message, or do they express how you feel?

During my masters when I, you know you have to have a message, have to have a thesis, it was the […] recreating the narrative of the southerner. Because everybody assumes like if you’re from […] cause I’m from Alabama. So, everybody has stereotypes that they lay on people from Alabama and country people and rural people. It was showing how through social-economic disadvantages in education, that you can change the perception of things throughout your life.

Interesting. Now, how many pieces have you done?

For that I did, I had like twelve pieces and they’re pretty big. They’re like 60 by 40, 72 by 40. Larger scale stuff. I haven’t dabbled in that anymore since I graduated because, you know, I graduated […] I’m probably gonna get back into it.

Have any of your paintings been displayed in places like museums?

I had one displayed in the Hive, for a student show back when I was at Kennesaw. And I don’t think so, other than my own show, like when you get your thesis, you have to put on a whole museum show.

Not only is Alicia Murry a teacher and an artist, she is also a sponsor for Cartersville Highschool’s Art Club. The club is held in room 401, the art room, which is located on the second floor of the humanities building. Art Club is open to everyone interested. During each meeting, students will work on a different project, some based on the season/holiday and some are just randomized.

When does Art Club officially start?

Art Club officially starts the last week of October, due to Covid.

What will the club members be doing in Art Club?

We’re gonna make these little scarecrow board things […] And then I’m also gonna offer like an open studio area if you don’t wanna do the project, but I just have to have people sign up for those things because I need to know what to expect.

What would you expect in the open studios?

Open studios would be more like […] maybe it’s a watercolor month or an acrylic month or charcoal month and you can come in and kind of practice it without me having to be like right there.

Will they learn anything from these projects, or will they just be doing fun projects?

Hey, this is just fun project time. No more learning in art club. You’re gonna learn by doing.

How long does each meeting usually take?

It’s usually after school, so about 3:45, everybody starts rolling in there, and then by 4:00 we’re going and I’m telling everybody what to do and I’m just letting them go for it. So, it’s not like super, super structured but there’s something that you can participate in.

So, it really depends on the project?


Art Club is a place for students to come explore their creative side or simply catch up on some work. It’s a place to feel relaxed and to enjoy yourself without the pressure of everything else and Mrs. Murry is here to make sure of that. Whether it’s through her artwork or her teaching, she is here whenever someone wants to do something fun and creative.