A Dear Friend of Cartersville High School

A Profile of Mrs. Linda Kellogg and Her Roles at Cartersville High School


Madison Hold, Writer

Behind the scenes of Cartersville High School, Mrs. Kellogg pours her heart out over student life on and off-campus. The daily life of Mrs. Kellogg includes compassion towards others, a strong voice to tell the truth, and determination to seek out those who may not be having the best day. She invests many of her personal hours (twenty-eight years to be exact) to make sure students can come to school feeling safe and loved.

Right now, Mrs. Kellogg dedicates her time to consulting with Cartersville students. She thrives off others and getting to know new people. “For students, I provide an open door that they can come through without an appointment and without a worry that they are interrupting,” Mrs. Kellogg says. She goes on to reassure that whoever walks through her door is her number one priority and that she is always there for them. Mrs. Kellogg is currently a huge part of the Backpack Buddies program, a program that provides food for those who are a part of the system. She also helps with mentorship at the school, which is a program for student interns to help other staff. These are just the tasks she does during school hours. When she’s not in school, Mrs. Kellogg gives her free time to Bartow’s Resource Center, Diversity Group Bartow, JROTC, Poll officer, The MLK committee and the list goes on. “I’m not the stay-at-home type person,” Mrs. Kellogg says in explaining why she is involved in so many organizations.

What started Mrs. Kellogg’s job today as being a hero and helper to many young lives was her beginning job working with the disabled kids. “It was my favorite ’cause we’re still friends today and shared a lot, which gave me hope. When you’re in a situation, and they’re so positive, it just lifts your spirits,” Mrs. Kellogg proudly replies. Thinking about all her experiences with other people, it made me wonder if she has always had a place in her heart for others, so I ask what her dream job would be. She responds, “Growing up and seeing some things…I thought there ought to be somebody to defend me!” Mrs. Kellogg informs me about how she always desired to become a lawyer to “help those who couldn’t help themselves.” Mrs. Kellogg goes on saying how she loves where she’s at because it is easy to work with the staff and students when everyone is willing to give each other a helping hand.

“Everything I do, if truth be told, has a lot to do with my past…like treating people the way I wish I had been treated sometimes.” Georgia has a huge influence on Mrs. Kellogg because she was born and mostly lived in Georgia. Part of her past was living in between different homes. These homes have taught her the importance of forgiveness in life. “There are two sides to every story,” she adds. She has learned that the past is in the past and that everything happens for a reason. She reiterates that it is better to forgive someone than to always hold a grudge. She had finally learned this lesson when she was reunited with her mother after years of not knowing why they had been separated, to begin with. Her past has influenced her future goal which she says, “I just wanna be a better Linda”. Every day her focus is to keep bettering herself as a mother to her three children and two grandkids who she is very proud of. She focuses on bettering herself as a person for others to come to. “If someone asked me how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I would tell them how to make it, and if they needed me to go buy the bread…I would go do that!” Mrs. Kellogg admits.

Mrs. Kellogg’s meaningful gestures, both big and small, are what make up the environment of Cartersville High School. Mrs. Kellogg will set aside her time to listen to those who need to be heard and understood when no one else will. “It’s my purpose,” she proclaims.