Teachers’ Thoughts and Feelings on the Shift from Hybrid to Full Schedule


Jillian Davis, Writer

Ever since Cartersville High School opened on an eventful Tuesday in August, the school has been buzzing with activity. Between coming back to school, getting used to the hybrid schedule of in-person class and online work, the first football game of the year, and more, this school certainly has been busy! But more recently, the school’s world has been rocked with the news that school is coming back full schedule on the 21st, and the teachers certainly have something to say about it!

Some teachers are worried yet hopeful about the hybrid-to-full schedule transformation, especially with the dangers of COVID still fresh in the world and on everyone’s mind.

Ms. Pettis, an Algebra teacher, says she’s concerned about going back to a full schedule. “Students will think everything is ‘back to normal’ when in reality, it will be more important to make sure we are following COVID guidelines because it will be impossible to social distance,” she informs. “I think that if everyone continues to follow the guidelines of wearing their mask properly and cleaning supplies in between use, we will continue to remain safe.”

Another teacher is excited to have all their students in one classroom on the same day. “There are different personalities and energies with each day’s classes,” they say, “and I’m excited to blend them together and get to know the new class.”

Mr. Murray, who teaches law and history, says he’s “looking forward to some semblance of normalcy and NOT having to do everything twice.” With all the different thoughts and opinions we’ve unpacked, I’m sure one thing we all can agree that some normalcy would be great!