New Sport to be Introduced to CHS


Caroline Restrepo, Writer

Beginning on September 21st, a new team of athletes will start training on campus. The school has introduced competitive gaming to Cartersville High School.

Esports are organized video game matches held for entertainment. In the high school tournaments, Rocket League and League of Legends are the focus games for players. These tournaments are ideal for quarantine conditions due to not requiring physical contact between players and the audience.

Fans who wish to see these tournaments can tune in live through streaming sites or watch recordings later. Tournament play begins December 7th, continuing each Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM. Tanya Hyman is managing the team. Like other Cartersville athletic teams, players are expected to attend all practices and commit to the season.

Many have rejected the idea of competitive gaming in schools. They believe that these athletes do not deserve the same opportunities students in more physically challenging sports earn. However, supporters believe that these games are beneficial to the mind. Winning a match requires communication between players, strategy, and creative problem-solving. Scholarship and career opportunities have begun to rise as competitive gaming becomes more widespread throughout Georgia.