Is Cartersville a Safe Place to Live?


Jackson N. Evans, Writer

Cartersville has some of the highest crime rates in America compared to communities of all sizes (57 per one thousand residents). But does this make Cartersville a dangerous or safe place to live? And how much of that crime is violent and how much is property?

According to, Cartersville does not fall under the top 50 safest cities in Georgia. But according to, Cartersville does not fall under the top 20 most dangerous cities in Georgia either. This makes sense because Georgia’s crime rates aren’t too high, nor are they too low.

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in seventeen. The 2017 crime rate in Cartersville was 326, which was higher than 85.8% of U.S. cities. These rates had risen by 14% since 2013. But, by the time 2018 came around, the overall score of Cartersville’s crime rates were 70.10, 29.90% lower than the national average!

Rates started to decrease for the overall score but individually was something different. The chances of becoming a victim of property crimes are one in nineteen, while chances of violent crime victimizing people are one in thirty-one.

Now violent crimes consist of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes include offenses like burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Below is a chart from The chart shows how overall crime rates, as well as property and violent crimes, have changed over the last seven years.

Cartersville Crime Statistics
Summary Report

2013 Crime (Actual Data) * Incidents 2020 Crime (Projected Data) * Incidents
Aggravated Assault 40 Aggravated Assault 10
Arson N/A Arson 4
Burglary 164 Burglary 47
Larceny and Theft 718 Larceny and Theft 590
Motor Vehicle Theft 45 Motor Vehicle Theft 0
Murder and Manslaughter 0 Murder and Manslaughter 0
Rape 3 Rape 8
Robbery 8 Robbery 0
Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 1,016 Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 694
Property Crime 927 Property Crime 605
Violent Crime 51 Violent Crime 10

That does not mean Cartersville is the safest place to live, though. Cartersville has one of the highest motor vehicle theft rates in the nation. And even though Cartersville residents are not as worried as they would have been in 2013, it really depends on which part of Cartersville you are in.

In some of Cartersville’s lower-class areas, crimes happen more often because people are either trying to meet ends meet or are part of gangs who thrive off the thrill they get from being scandalous. In the middle-class areas, it depends on which part of the middle class you are in. In the lower middle class, crimes are slightly better meaning they are not usually present because people have better jobs and can satisfy their family’s needs for a brief period of time.

The upper-middle class is a little different. There, people are right below the upper class, so crimes are moderate here. In the upper-class areas, crimes are either present or they’re not. If crimes were to occur, people would either be stealing and committing more property crimes because they are either jealous of the upper-class families or they want to survive and the only way they can think of surviving is from stealing from people who are richer or better off than they are. Sometimes there are barely any crimes of any kind happening because the people in these upper-class families are already satisfied that they do not need to hurt other people to get what they want. They just simply buy what they need.

So, is Cartersville a safe place to reside and raise a family? The answer: that all depends on you and which part of Cartersville you live in. It’s your decision to tell whether you think the are you live in is safe or not.