Hybrid Schedule vs. Full Time Schedule


Jancy Suber, Writer

2020 has definitely been a year of challenges, changes, and tribulations. The Corona Virus pandemic and the practice of social distancing has drastically altered the lives of many. The 2020-2021 Canes School Year began with the Hybrid Schedule on August 18, 2020. Under the Hybrid Schedule, students with last names A-K physically attended school on Tuesday and Wednesday and virtually learned on Thursday and Friday, while L-Z students participated in virtual learning on Tuesday and Wednesday and physical attended school on Thursday and Friday.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Cartersville City Schools was presented with a challenge. Dr. Feuerbach and the leadership team began to discuss ideas as early as late spring of this year in order to implement a successful 2020-2021 school year plan. Dr. Feuerbach and the Cartersville City Schools leadership team spent time looking at any and all options. He says “When we started, I shared with our Central Office leadership team and principals that there were not any right or wrong ideas and that we needed to consider any and all ideas.” The leadership team contemplated the pros and cons of each idea, narrowing them down until they agreed on a final plan. So far, the Hybrid Schedule has worked phenomenally because students and staff members are following social distancing rules, wearing masks, and using the hand sanitizing stations around school. Dr. Feuerbach states “Cartersville Primary School and Cartersville Elementary School [have had a successful return] and [he anticipates] the same successful return for both Cartersville Middle School and Cartersville High School.”

Teachers have adjusted their teaching styles and methods to accommodate learning on a Hybrid Schedule. Ms. Surrett, who teaches Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus AB at Cartersville High School has recorded herself teaching each week’s lesson. “It is hard for [her] to tell whether a student is struggling or bored” while virtually learning. Ms. Surrett adjusted her teaching style by “not allowing group work” and having rows of desks instead of groups. She was excited to go back to the Fulltime Schedule and see her students.

Students have had to manage their time to keep up with their schoolwork at home and in class. Senior Wide Receiver and Corner, Sam Phillips, does not like the Hybrid Schedule because “[He] is not motivated to do [his] work.” He is excited to go back to the Full Time Schedule because he gets to see everybody back at school. Cartersville High School’s students have paced themselves by virtually learning, and also keeping up with assignments due and any assessments they have on their physical days at school.

Cartersville High School’s Administration has worked diligently for the past five weeks of the Hybrid Schedule to ensure a safe learning environment. Mr. Collier, Assistant Administrator and CTAA Director, is glad to go back to five days a week “because he thinks” students would like to be here every day. When everybody comes back, students will get some normalcy back and even get to socialize more. Mr. Collier feels like teachers “serve [students] better five days a week, when [they] can talk to them, interact with them, [and] understand what’s going on.”

Cartersville High School transitioned back to their Full Time Schedule on September 21, 2020. They are still enforcing safety protocols like wearing masks and social distancing in the classrooms and hallways. Since Cartersville High School has transitioned back to the Full Time Schedule, students have been able to socialize with all their friends. Teachers get to teach six classes on a Full Time Schedule, instead of teaching twelve on a Hybrid Schedule.