Does Virtual Learning Affect Students?


Keila Flores, Writer

Doing online work has affected more than just students, as well as teachers, parents, siblings, etc. In 2016 studies reported that 39 percent of students were struggling with at least one mental illness while in schools. Now it is 60 percent of students. Students live for hanging out with friends. When quarantine started, we were stuck in our houses away from friends. Parents were concerned of us getting corona and transferring it to them. Friends are a major source of happiness for most teens. Most kids nowadays get extremely stressed and overthink in school. For example, some kids can’t mentally learn through a screen but rather in person where they can be shown step by step.

Students say teachers don’t understand the level of learning when they’re trying to learn through a screen. Teachers are stressed as it is, and they get even more frustrated and take it out on students. Students scoring dropped 30 points because of them struggling with virtual learning. Students and teachers have massive amounts of stress and due to the corona virus, they lost parts of their education. Even now with the beginning of school starting up again. Most teachers are trying to focus on doing reviews so that students aren’t behind.

One student said “Virtual learning was one of the hardest things I have had to learn by. Coming back to school trying to relearn what we didn’t understand is helpful though. I just hope I never have to go virtual again.” [She] dropped her grades by 20 points. But with help of her school she was able to get extra help to bring her grade up before the end of the semester. The world needs to focus on what virtual learning was/is doing to students’ mental health.