Corona is Affecting Students and Teachers as they Go Back to School


Lollie Dawson, Writer

The Corona Virus is majorly affecting the Cartersville School System as students and teachers ease back into school. Students had two options: go back to school for hybrid learning or do the full year online. Hybrid learning means that students are going only two days a week based on their last names. The rest of the week they do online learning.

Teachers have a lot to keep up with since hybrid learning started. One of the main struggles of hybrid learning is that it is very hard to keep up with work and send important information out to students. The teachers are having trouble dealing with two different sets of classes. Teachers must try and make sure that everything is up to date which can be difficult to do considering that they have to keep up with in-school and online school assignments at the same time.

“It was quite a balancing act trying to maintain a good pace and covering the necessary materials while not allowing one section to get ahead of the other,” says Cartersville High School teacher, Leah Roberts.

Teachers are doing a very good job of staying organized considering the situation. They are going out of their way to make sure students are keeping up with all their assignments. During this time of difficulty, teachers have done an excellent job with the hardships of hybrid learning. They have done and are continuing to keep everyone on track.

Students also have their fair share of work to keep up with. At Cartersville High School, students have eight classes. They have four academic and four elective classes. This is a lot of work to keep up with and sometimes online schooling can take more time than in- person schooling. Online schooling can be hard because sometimes students need teachers to explain concepts to them. It can be hard to fully grasp a subject without a teacher’s help. Switching between online school and regular school can be a very big struggle and a bit confusing. Most of the teacher’s homework and assignments are online. Students have to sort out which assignments were due on their in-school days and which assignments were due on online days. This can be a big struggle and cause grades to decline.

“Corona has affected how I learn by making it difficult to keep up with assignments,” Carey Elizabeth browning, a 9th grader at Cartersville High School says.

Corona has taken quite a toll on school. Everyone is continuing to push through, and they are keeping up the hard work. When we go back to everyone being at the school, hopefully students and teachers are more organized and are less stressed. We don’t know where corona will take us, but we can only hope that it gets better from here.