Coping with COVID Co-opted by Cartersville


Elizabeth Tornincasa, Writer

This summer has been one to remember by everyone everywhere. Everyone had been affected by this pandemic, especially teenagers. What would be a typical summer hanging out with friends, going swimming, traveling, etc., has turned into a time of quarantine. 20/20 usually means perfect vision, but in the case of COVID, we were blind sighted by the year 2020. COVID is the most significant event to happen, along with the deaths of famous basketball star Kolbe Bryant and most recent famous actor Chadwick Aaron Boseman, to name a few. Our lives have also been affected. This could be celebrities’ deaths that feel almost personal yet distant or by events in our circles or families. It can be hard to cope with everything.

Skye Murdock says, “Summer is hanging out with friends, it’s supposed to be a break from normal life, but this was definitely not a break. It was a living nightmare.” Many teens and adults have said just about the same thing, but some have had a different outlook. Quarantine could’ve also been a time of reflection. Matti Morrow says, “In a normal summer I would be hanging out with friends and going places, but this summer I’ve felt like I focused on myself and I feel like I’ve become a better person.” People all over have had different feelings on the subject. Now that things have gone back to some extent of ordinary, people have felt a bit better about life. Cartersville has gone back face to face five days a week. Many students think that the first week was quite long, but fall break is approaching, and many are also excited about that. Now the question becomes, how are holidays and upcoming events like Homecoming going to look? Can students expect their time off to be different from the events of this summer?