Changes Made to the New Football Season


Sydney Rhodes, Writer

Many people were worried about the first Cartersville football game. There weren’t many changes, but the game was very different than before. One of the new customs at the football game is that some of the bleachers are blocked off due to social distancing. That makes the stands look a lot smaller than how they usually look. Another difference is masks are highly encouraged. In the student section, all of the students wore masks. But in the regular stands, not many people wore them. Emma Wilson a student from Cartersville high school stated “ There were a lot of people wearing masks in the student section but it was almost like nobody in the regular stands wore them.” She also said “ The senior boys were telling everyone to wear masks in the student section.” Another difference was tickets were limited, and you had to buy them online. Many people liked purchasing the tickets online a lot better than in-person because you don’t have to wait in a long hot line. Beyond these new procedures, there were not many changes. Some things stayed the same as you could still go to the concession stands and bathrooms just as you regularly would. Some more things that stayed the same were there was still a student section and a loud crowed!