Savion George, Writer

ESports is a reasonably new activity that is rapidly gaining the popularity and recognition it deserves. What’s eSports, you ask? Well, eSports is a fancy little word for competitive video gaming. Playing certain games in a tournament-style setting is even argued to be more mentally taxing than sports like football and basketball.

As of the 2021 school year, Cartersville High Schools has begun to start its team to compete under the GHSA district. Two games are available to anyone interested, and those are League of Legends and Rocket League. These are both games that other schools in the GHSA district are playing.  “The way it works is that the District decides what games are allowed, and the schools play those.”, said Coach Hyman when asked if other games would be available

There will be three spots and two substitutes for the Rocket League team, and there will be five spots and three subs for the League of Legends team. So, anyone looking to snag a spot on the squad might want to start their obligatory training montage (Maybe put Eye of the Tiger in the background?). Tryouts will take place this week. Coach Hyman, who teaches in Room 135 (Attendance building, Right hallway, far left door), will give more information on the team and tryouts. There will also be positions for those willing to Livestream events, social media management, and the works combined with team spots. Again, be sure to contact Coach Hyman for more details!

The eSports league will be sponsored by PlayVS, a company that has partnered with the GHSA to bring eSports to Georgia schools. The league will work very similarly to many other sports. Two teams face-off, and the winner moves on in the championship bracket. Let’s all be sure to give our new team a whole lot of support!