Who I Am


Kaylee Adams, Writer

Who I am  

I am Kaylee Caroline Adams. 

I am eighteen years old.  

I am an essential worker.  

I am a daughter.  

I am a sister. 

I am a grandchild,  

And I am a 2020 senior.  

During quarantine, I have learned what utter chaos is. I am a Starbucks barista in Ingles, and boy, people go crazy during these times. Everyday life has changed, and I do not see it going back to normal anytime soon, if ever. I just want a regular workday with regular hours, tables set out for people, and the ability to hear people without plexiglass in the way.  

There are so many things we all take for granted during everyday life. The ability to go out with your friends being one. I have learned how dependent I am on having conversations with people I do not live with. Even small conversations that can be pointless, I miss how casual the world used to be.  

A big part of what I have taken from quarantine is how much I do not have my mind on the world around me. I am constantly listening to music or reading for that matter. I have a huge outlet on not mentally being with the world. Whether that is good or bad, I still have not decided.  

Writing is a huge part of who I am and how I deal with everything around me. I completely lose myself in words, which ties back to my need for music and reading. It’s a haven for me, a place for me to say and think what I want and to have it written down. It feels like a sense of worth to have what YOU need set down in writing.  

My dreams of what the summer holds are very low right now. I want to have one of the best summers of my life, but I also want to see a bunch of huge changes in the world.  

I hope that the world can come together and act as a whole instead of being separated. I hope that the local business owners can get back on their feet when everything settles down. I pray that the world can catch its breath and just be.  

My dream for the summer of 2020 is that the senior class gets to have their final moments of being a kid and walk across the stage.