Jenny Crum, Editor

The catalyst that would freeze time in its place

Confining me to a prison of brick and stone

Confining me to a barren restless mindset

My toes bounce and my mind travels as the hours days nights months go by

Most I miss the intimacy of making someone smile

Remembering those moments

Bursts painful fireworks in my heart

That bring me to tears.


But solitude is a multifaced game

You will never really be alone

For you don’t realize that life is all around you

Until it is a life that you lack.

My palms touch the cool grass

and the energy of the earth flows through me

giving me strength to go on

giving the wisdom of a thousand moons

giving me the will to make people smile

even if I can’t see it.

For solitude in nature is a wonderful quarantine

It grounds you

It exposes to you what truly matters:

Life itself.