Bunny Phobia


Joaquin Holcomb, Writer

Easter, for most people, is a time for rejoicing and singing praise. After all, it is the day that Jesus Christ himself rose from the dead. Plus, you get to run and find eggs that an anthropomorphized rabbit left for you to find. How fun!

While most people see Easter this way, not everyone does. Some people suffer from Leporiphobia, the fear of bunnies, and for them, Easter is terrifying. This phobia is the most common of the phobias in the western hemisphere and sufferers are primarily women.

One bizarre story starts in Germany, where a student was exonerated in a defamation suit back on 2010. The judge determined that the teacher had a raging case of Leporiphobia. This all started when the teacher saw a chalk drawing of a bunny started crying and ran out of her classroom.

So how do you deal with animal phobias? Most psychologists say you need to tackle it head-on. Treatment for this is being gradually exposed to your phobia over the course of months or years. However, recently psychologists have found that most animal phobias can be overcome in a single three-hour session. People will, sometimes during the treatment, cry, faint, or vomit. It is effective. More than 90 percent of people conquer their phobia.

For most Easter is a beautiful time to rejoice and sing their praises. For others, it’s a time to go and scavenge eggs filled with treats and goodies. And for some, it’s a time to run in cower in fear of the Easter Bunny.