Get Your Golden Ticket to the Student-driven Willy Wonka Production


Zoe Terry, Writer

Cartersville High School’s very own theater department will be performing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory this spring. This captivating adaptation of Ronald Dahl’s fantastical tale will feature enchanting songs from the 1971 film, in addition to many more fun newer songs. Willy Wonka is a musical guaranteed to delight everyone’s sweet tooth 

The show follows enigmatic candy man Willy Wonka as he stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in his scrumptious candy bars. Whomever comes up with these tickets will win a free tour of the Wonka factory, as well as a lifetime supply of candy.  

Four of the five winning ticket holders are children who are insufferable brats; but the fifth is a likeable young lad named Charlie Bucket, who takes the tour in the company of his equally amiable grandfather. The children must learn to follow Mr. Wonka’s rules in the factory. Or suffer the consequences 

This is the first year in the history of Cartersville drama that upperclassmen are running the show. These upperclassmen are referred to as “Leadership.” The hope of creating this new leadership program is to allow participants the opportunity to explore a different side of theater. It also allows underclassmen to have lead roles.  

The students who make up Leadership are Jayla Cunningham, Zoe Terry, Gracie Rhodes, Chole Bacon, Yasmine Balderas, and Jancy Suber, Katlin Evans and Ian Kamau. I sat down with Jaylawho is co-directing the musical with me, to see what her experiences were thus far. 

She explains, “It’s really difficult to direct your classmates but added that she’s grateful “for the opportunity that doing this has given her.” Jayla wants to one day own a theater of her own. And this is a step in the right direction for her dream.  

 The show will be presented in the Cartersville Auditorium on April 17th at 7:00pm and April 18th at 3:00pm and 7:00pm. Come on down and get your golden ticket!