Chubbtown: a brief history of a legendary town

Chubbtown: a brief history of a legendary town

Savannah Johnson, Writer

Chubbtown is an unincorporated town located in Floyd County Georgia. It rests about a mile from Cave Springs.

The town was founded by Henry Chubb and a group of freed black men in 1864 (according to census records of 1850, there were only 16 free black citizens in the area a decade prior). This small group became a community and later a “town.” Henry had moved to Floyd County from North Carolina with his wife, daughter, eight sons and a small group of other freemen. 

This community originally had a general store, blacksmith, a distillery, several kinds of mills, different farms, and later had its own post office. Henry Chubb was also one of the original trustees of what became the Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church.  

Not many buildings still stand from the original founding, due to the flood of Big Cedar CreekOnly the Chubb Chapel, a rock building that was the volunteer fire department, and a cemetery remain.  

The Chubb family, according to family legend, were never slaves. Many wonder how they were able to accomplish all they did, plus educate themselves in a time period so hostile to their people. According to Henry Chubb, father of Nick Chubb, famed Georgia tailback, “They say the father, John Henry, got along with the sheriff of Rome, and he kind of looked out for them… They’d all meet on Sundays and talk about the businesses and what they needed to do that week.”

Chubbtown was known for making anything the town members needed. The surrounding white community even traded with the black community, something fairly unheard of in those days.

The community has produced some solid athletes. Nick Chubb’s father  played at Valdosta State. His brother played at Troy, and his older brother played at Air Force Academy. Cousin Bradley played at North Carolina State and now plays for the Denver Broncos. Nick remains one of Georgia’s favorite athletes. He played for the University of Georgia and was drafted into the NFL and plays for the Cleveland Browns, who recently featured Chubbtown on an ESPN spotlight.

Growing up, all Chubbtown family and residents are told the story and importance of their ancestors and town. One day, Nick Chubb would like to rebuild Chubbtown to its original state, based upon maps that still exist. 

A fun and unique tradition of the Chubb family is that most of the direct male descendants are named after one of the eight sons of the original Henry. Every year, the Chubb Chapel has a service that helps raise money for the upkeep of the church cemetery. 

Little traditions like these, and the success of Chubb family heirs, help keep the family, the community, and the history alive.