Christmases Past and Presents


Madison Hold, Writer

Christmas is the time of year when individuals look forward to spending chilly days inside by a warm fireplace, listening to holiday music, and sipping down a warm drink. The thought of soft pajamas, fuzzy socks, and the smell of gingerbread brings holiday joy to the heart and home. 

All of these are things folks love about Christmas, but the biggest draw for Christmas is… THE PRESENTS!

Many students just can’t wait to give their Bestie that special gift they’ve been planning all year… or else they’re all impatient to see what they themselves will receive.

So just what exactly is the best present you’ve ever received? We decided to poll the Chipper staff to see what they had to say. 

Not surprising, technology gifts were big favorites. What was surprisingly though, was that only 4 out of 15 individuals chose a technology gift as their best present of all time.

Sophomore Luke Simpson’s loved his AirPods because he can “use them everywhere.” Senior Max Florence will always remember the  X-box he got one year because of all “the fun times playing with the bros” in his free time.

A laptop was senior Kaylee Adam’s favorite present, and she uses it every day — whether she’s busy at school or hanging at home. And finally, senior Talib Mitchell can’t put down his camera and thinks “it’s too cool.”

Another favorite gift category, especially for girls, is clothing. Perfume and lotions weren’t far behind. La’Maya Matthew loved the shoes she received one year. Many others obsessed over sweaters and jewelry. 

Toy gifts are perhaps most commonly associated with Christmas presents, and we definitely had some of those on the favorite gift list, too. Sophomore Jenny Crum loved a Nerf gun from the year when shooting her brother for hours on end was her favorite pastime. Junior Lyle Forristall’s gift of Bioicles “made him the happist of all times.”

Chipper adviser, Mrs. Candela’s all-time favorite Christmas present was her Kichen Aid mixer because baking makes her mega-happy.

While everyone has their own favorite present, most agreed with Acts 20:35, which states, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” That, plus the joy you feel when family is together is what makes the holidays so very special. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good break!