Don’t Waste Flavor


Maximus Florence, writer

Many put themselves on a culinary journey to try and conquer every flavor known to man. While this type of mindset won’t work for everyone, especially the picky eaters of the world, simply expanding your restaurant arsenal by one or two could throw some flavor in your life. There is no such thing as too much flavor. And since countless flavors go untried and unnoticed every single day, check out foods and treats at the variety of restaurants in our very own small town. 

Surprisingly, Cartersville is home to more than just fast food restaurants with their chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and burgers and fries menu items. If chicken’s your meat of choice, consider trying one of Cartersville’s many Asian restaurants: Kumo, Kobe, Okinawa, Dragon Garden, Mr. Eggroll, Tokyo, Ming Moon, Sriracha Thai (and many others). 

These restaurants put flavorful spins on the standard chicken, such as teriyaki, sesame, and hibachi, to name a few. And fun flavors aren’t simply limited to chicken — shrimp and steak are available to kick it up a notch as well. So get out there and spice things up. 

For those with home-style food preferences, America’s love of steak and barbecue may also be readily found in the Cartersville area.  Longhorn’s, Fire It Up, Scott’s, Shane’s, and Adam’s all provide a comfortable variety of flavors and tastes that even picky eaters should consider. 

Though our town is not located anywhere near a coast, we are luckily home to Maine Street Coastal Cuisine. This well-run seafood restaurant provides seafood as good as any around with unique, amazing flavors. You will not regret trying the Mahi-mahi. 

The options available here in Cartersville can provide a multitude of flavors for an experimental eater. Then, once you’ve conquered the restaurants here, explore further. Try neighboring cities and counties… and then other countries, other continents… the skies the limit.  Literally. A flight taking you somewhere like Japan could be your ultimate foodie destination. But then, maybe eating live octopus is not for everyone.