It’s Sweater Weather (Finally!)


Yahaira Vallejo, Writer

Despite the weather reaching ninety degrees nearly the entire month of September (and into October), autumn has finally arrived, and the leaves are (maybe) changing colors. September 23rd was the first official day of fall and its time to celebrate by doing what you do best during fall! 

Over 1,600 students attend Cartersville High School, with many different cultures and ethnicities. Almost all, though, enjoy fall traditions. There are tons of amusing things to participate in right now: activities like apple picking, bonfires with friends, roasting pumpkin seeds, or hosting a harvest party. 

Kenia Jacobo, a junior, says she does anything she can to get outside and have fun. “I like to hang out with my friends and have a bonfire at my house or sometimes even their house. My favorite part is getting to eat s’mores, especially when it feels a bit chilly outside.” 

A very popular response from students was going apple picking. Of course, depending on what part of Georgia you live in, different types of apples ripen at different times. A close second to apple picking, is pumpkin carving and baking the seeds. Carving pumpkins is the best way to get in the fall spirit. Or you can invite friends and family to catch up on life while decorating your front porch with pumpkins, cornstalks, witches and wreaths.

Melissa Portillo, a freshman explains why she looks forward to fall break.  “It’s just time for my family to come together and decorate the house and bake. Sometimes we’ll go apple picking. If not, we’ll take a little vacation to Tennessee, since they really know how to bring out the best of this season.” 

Even if you don’t feel like going out or you get allergies during this time of year, you can still find ways to enjoy autumn by lighting your favorite fall scented candle. Who wouldn’t love a fresh pumpkin spice odor wafting through the house? Or you can bake a fall pie — pumpkin or apple — and fill the house with the warm scent of baked goods.

As for all you lovers out there, this season is your season! Grab a cozy blanket and watch your favorite fall movie maybe Coco?, with your significant other- Netflix and chill. 

And for the outdoor lover, there’s also camping. Mosquitoes are still active, so bring the repellent. Hike some trails and see the leaves of every tree change colors and how they all change at different rates is probably the most pleasing sight you’ll ever see. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate fall by getting out there and doing your thing!