In Honor of Halloween

Chipper Staff's Favorite Candy

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In Honor of Halloween

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Some of us may be told we’re too old to trick-or-treat these days, but we’ll never outgrow our taste for candy. Here’s the list of the Chipper staff’s favorite candies:

Jenny  Crum: My favorite candy would have to be Snickers Bars. A Snicker is the perfect pick-me-up snack for any hungry tummy in the middle of the school day. It has caramel, nougat, and peanuts all layered together in one delicious chocolate-covered bar. Nothing beats Snickers!

Zoe Terry: Candy corn, all the way; it’s my childhood candy. Whenever I eat it, or even smell it, I’m taken back to a simpler time. A time where I didn’t have  three huge tests on the same day. A time when my main concern was who I was going to play with at recess. A time when I decorated hats and cakes for Dr. Seuss Day. Candy corn makes me a kid again, and I love it.

Taylor Benham: Tis the season for Halloween. Spooky season has approached and with this season comes trick or treating. To me, the all-time best Halloween candy is Reese’s. I honestly don’t even crave chocolate until it is Halloweenand then the savory chocolate and peanut butter mixture of Reese’s calls to me. It melts in your mouth. Reese’s come in white chocolate and milk chocolate. I personally prefer the white chocolate, but you can never go wrong with Reese’s.  

Savannah Johnson: Kit Kat Candy Bars!!! I love how there are two ways to eat a Kit Kat: the normal boring way or the right way. Start by eating the chocolate off the end, then move along the side. After the side chocolate is gone, take the top layer and separate it from the rest of the bar. Eat that wafer and move on to the bottom layer. Saving the best layer — the middle wafer — is smart. It is housed between two layers of ground up Kit Kats. 

Lataria Black: My favorite Halloween candy is the white chocolate Kit Kat. I love the crunch of the bar and how the white cholocate melts in your mouth. My taste buds are happy every time I eat one. Every. Single. Time. It’s the best candy ever!

Maximus Florence: My favorite candy is Milk Duds. My liking of the caramel and milk chocolate candy goes back as far as I can remember. The product contains a large amount of MILK and was originally supposed to be a sphere but was a DUD, hence the name Milk Duds. The origins of the name fascinate me. Lastly, the packaging is world class, they often come in a simple yellow-orange rectangle, my favorite color and shape. I love Milk Duds every day of the week.  

Madison Lingerfelt: My favorite candy are the Arcor Strawberry Buds. They have a hard candy outside and a soft gooey inside. When I was little my MeMe used to keep candy in her purse so when I went to church with them she could keep me occupied. She’s no longer with us, so I consider Arcors to be my favorite candy because she was one of my favorite people. Seeing those candies reminds me of her. When I would get on her nerves, she would just give me candy. 

Madison Hold: Skittles are hands down the best Halloween candy anyone could receive in their cute little pumpkin basket. Whenever I see those tiny fun packs filled with tropical fruitiness, I scream knowing I’m about to taste the rainbow! What makes them so amazing is the ability to stuff so many flavors in your mouth getting a burst of cherry, lemon, orange, lime, and grape taste.   

Joaquin Holcolm: My favorite candy is candy corn. I don’t really know why I like it; I just do. Maybe because I’ve been eating it sense I was 4. Maybe it’s because it’s a cliché. Or maybe it’s just because I think it tastes good. So, candy corn is my favorite Halloween candy I don’t know why I just do. 

Reed Morton: Swedish Fish are my favorite candy because I like their unique flavor. I love the texture and the different taste and the idea it also has some connections to Sweden. I like the candy and how common it is in multiple countries including America, Great Britain and all through the world.  I also like how different they are from other types of candies in my opinion. 

Talib Mitchell: Snickers are my favorite Halloween candy because they’re just to fun to eat. I love chocolate and peanuts, and you can’t forget about the nougat. When you get candy from Halloween you always have a 85.2% chance to get a snickers bar somewhere in your MOUNTAINS of candy. 

Payton Cobb: My favorite candy is Milky Way and has been since I was twelve years old. These candy bars bring me a joy like no other candy. It all stems from my favorite trick-or-treating adventures with a group of my friends. The candy has the smoothest texture of caramel that blends perfectly with the milk chocolate and mousse inside. I love the bite sized milky ways and will eat them in two bites to savor the deliciousness.  

Avrie Thomas: The best Halloween candy is the cookies and cream Hershey’s bar. I love the little cookie pieces that is inside. I don’t normally like white chocolate but I really love those.  

Kayla Vera: Reese’s peanut butter cups are THE best Halloween candy. They were made for Halloween — the packaging is even the right colors! They’re made up of the two best ingredients, chocolate and peanut better. They are creamy and nutty, sweet and satisfying, they are worth eating year-round. Reese’s peanut butter cups have always been my favorite, I remember always saving them for last. The wait was worth it!  

Luke Simpson: Pretzel M&Ms. I think the salty pretzel part of the candy is the best part because saltiness is something you wouldn’t expect to be in a candy. The classic milk chocolate taste from the M&M also plays a big part of my decision because you just can’t go wrong with it. The combination of the sweet and salty makes the candy an award winner in my opinion. 

LaMaya Matthews: My favorite candy is Almond Joys. The coconut flavor explodes in your mouth. The crunch of the almond punches your taste buds.  The chocolate  — who doesn’t love chocolate? Nothing can compare to the deliciousness of the Almond Joy. 

Yahaira Vallejo: The best Halloween candy are m&m’s. They’re my favorites because they are just small and round little pieces of chocolate that taste really good. I can take one bite and I’m done. Sometimes they come in those small m&m bags designed for trick-or-treaters and those have to the best. They’re so cute.

Kayla Turner: KitKats are my favorite Halloween Candy because they remind me of Nutter Butters due to the peanut butter and the chocolate. Also, I enjoy splitting them apart and eating them and the way they are creamy and melt in your mouth.  

Mrs. Candela: I love Zero candy bars. No really, they’re called Zero. And they are amazing. They have almond and peanuts mixed into a caramel nougat, all wrapped up in white fudge. They are divine.