A New Wave: Wake Surfing Champion Whitley Stewart


Lyle Forristall, Writer

Cartersville High School has a champion in our midst. Wake surfing is an up and coming sport and sophomore Whitley Stewart has already won two world championships and a national championshipall by the age of fifteen.  

Unknown to most, wake surfing is a sport in which you’re on a wake board, but not attached to it. You surf behind the boat on the waves it makes.  

Whitley began wake surfing when she was twelve; she went to an instructor who told her that she had a talent for wake surfing and should pursue it. After that first practice, she has been working hard and long to get better at the new sport.  

She trains as much as possible, while still balancing her school and social life. Whitley has always been a natural with boarding sports and has enjoyed all that she has tried such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. She explains, “I have always liked board sports and have been a natural at them.” 

Whitley’s friends know and support what she has been doing in her sport. One friend even went as far as to practice with Whitley this past summer, just spending time with her on the water. 

Whitley’s first year at competing was in 2017, when she won a national title. Then in 2018 and 2019 Whitley won the world championship. Her success has boosted her status to professional status. With the title have come several sponsors who are proud to represent Whitley. Her sponsors include Phase 5 (a wakesurf board company), Atlanta Marine (a wakesurf instructing company), Dry Road, and Supra Boats.  

With all her successes, we at Cartersville High School can’t wait to see what excitement and attention will come next for Whitley Stewart, our own Cartersville champion.