Jacob Day: TikTok Titan


Talib Mitchell, Writer

In 2019 there is obviously a big internet influence on our society in general and our student body in particular. The influence can be negative or positive, and there are many studies out there declaring both sides. No one, however, argues the internet’s ability to impact everyone and every age group. Here at Cartersville High School, internet social media plays a major role in student life, and the most-used apps are Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok  

Jacob Day who has 85.7 thousand followers on Instagram and 671.9 thousand followers on TikTok (and a little over 20.4 million likes) attends Cartersville High School. He joined TikTok in April of 2019 and quickly gained a following. 

When asked where he gets his ideas for posts, Jacob explained, TikTok maintains a “For You Page,” which is a place on the app where creators videos can become featured on multiple followers’ “For You Pages.” There are a variety of ideas and interesting videos on these pages. 

Jacob’s own videos range from funny to serious, but mostly he focuses on funny and trendy material.

He’s always looking for new ideas and new ways to network.  He explains, “I made about ten friends from TikTok during a meetup I went to at Ponce City market in June.” From that early summer connection, this group have begun collaborating, helping each other build content and followers.  Jacob has several videos featuring them. 

 Jacob’s main audience is mostly teenage girls, ages 14-17. His popularity has grown rapidly and he’s often approached by young fans who come up and ask for a picture. He said that he’s not really cautious about going out in public because he thinks its flattering. The best way to get his attention on social media is to tag him on something. It’s almost guaranteed that he’ll take a look at it.  

Jacob wants to continue doing TikTok because it’s a good way to gain and maintain followers. One day, he hopes to successfully transfer over to YouTube. His long-term goal is to begin a clothing company. 

If you haven’t done so already, go follow Jacob today on social media and help this Cane’s dream come true.  

TikTok: @jacobday_ 

Instagram: @jacobxday