We Need Girls: Cartersville Cross Country


Madison Hold, Writer

Cartersville High School has a lot of successful sport teams and clubs. The school’s reputation is known for football team, and almost everyone knows Cartersville High School as “Trevor’s school,” but football isn’t the only successful sport here. Another high-achieving sport that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is Cartersville’s Cross-Country team.

This year’s cross country team is focusing on how to be more competitive physically and stronger mentally. A goal for next year would be to see more female athletes involved. The number of girl runners can be counted on both hands.  There are a variety of reasons to get running.

It is proven that being involved in extra activities after school helps with social skills like making new friends, multitasking, and handling various other responsibilities of life. Cross country helps build teamwork, leadership skills, and confidence.  It can also help students who feel a bit lost during their teenage years find an identity.

It is a surprisingly good idea to stay busy and involved as a teen these days. There are a lot of distractions out there, and not all of them are good. To go to school and sit in a desk for eight hours a day, then head home to sit some some more and finish homework can be bad for teens in terms of physical and emotional health. Many teens grow bored get involved in bad behaviors. Finding a sport that challenges you, gets and keeps you healthy, and relieves boredom are all good reasons to join cross country. 

 Now let’s talk about the sport itself. Cross country is a team sport. Runners meet individual goals while racing, but in the end, it’s all about the team. Each runner is there to contribute to the team effort.

Cross country is definitely one of the most difficult sports to be involved in, but outcomes and rewards are positive and plenty. During races, pain is something you must overcome. Mental strength is a necessity because you need to tell yourself to keep pushing through that extra mile. Your legs will begin feeling heavy and it will become harder and harder to breathe, but the goal is to make it across that finish line for a personal best.

Practice, however, is another story. Cross country practice prepares you for the meets coming up. The meets are normally three and a tenth miles. In order to run this distance, training consists of running four to six miles on average a day. Practice is the time to mentally strengthen yourself; pushing harder physically is necessary. This is the time to confront pain and weakness, so when racing its easier to overcome struggles. In practice, you either run long distances as an easy” day, or you run intervals that are up tempo, and faster, then shorter distance runs. Some people join cross country just for the practices. They enjoy the time spent with friends and coaches, while others enjoy the individual competition. Both are good reasons to be a part of the team.  

 When the word “running” is mentioned to many people, they laugh. When football, baseball, tennis, and volleyball coaches say that it’s time to run a lap around the field or court, the players groan. Cross country runners think of the word “run” and imagine a relaxing period of the day to themselves (until I get to the third or fourth mile, then it’s not so relaxing). Running, for cross country kids, is a way to reflect on the day or to settle problems

Cross country is great for goal-setting. It’s also fun to make your body “healthy” by eating enough carbs and then dumping the sugars and calories. Cross country also allows you to be competitive without being mean. It’s all about determination.

Being part of a team is the best part of cross country. Teammates are uplifting and encouraging and make memories and jokes together.   

Cartersville Cross Country team needs more girls. Please think about running next year. You will learn to be determined and focused and goal-oriented.