Technology and the Future


Sam Abbott, Writer

Many think the technology currently available is quite futuristic; however, based upon the speed of technological advancements, it seems the future is unfathomable and limitless. 

The human race is advancing a lot faster than expected in terms of technology. The first Ford automobile was made in 1903. The first computer was made in 1936. Now we have cars that can drive themselves, and our phones are basically our computers now.  

The evolution of the car has changed so much over the years. Cars used to be driven with stick-shifts, then technology advanced to the point of  automatic transmission.  Now there are cars parallel-parking themselves. Some cars are even programmed to drive themselves. 

The evolution of computers has happened even quicker. The first programmable computer was created in 1936 by Konard Zuse. The Z1 computer was approximately the size of a pool table and had limited programmability. The next computer was smaller, but still nowhere near as small as computers today. Now, computers occupy the tiniest of spaces — pockets — and can do more than anyone could have ever imagined.

The government experiments with and utilizes secret technology all the time. The US military has been creating machinery for years that can help in combat situations. There are planes that can be controlled remotely for reconnaissance or bomb drops. There is a stealth jet that cannot be spotted on any radar. 

The rate that technology is going, phones and computers may soon prove obsolete. Even roads may become a thing of the past, if tires are replaced with Jetson-type futuristic vehicles.  There are already hovercraft boats… why not hovercraft cars?

As cities become much more technologically advanced, could we one day hope to have less sluggish internet, cleaner air quality (due to more renewable natural energy), and less road construction??? One can only dream…

And create the technology to make it happen.