As Graduation Nears, Seniors Plan their Next Chapter


Emily Butterworth, Writer

As the year winds down, it’s almost time for the CHS Seniors to say their goodbyes. Some are excited, and some know they’ll miss their time here. By this point, many seniors are looking forward to getting out and getting ready for their next steps after high school.

Some seniors have been on a set path for years. They’ve known what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go for a while now, and it’s only a matter of staying on track and getting there. On the other hand, some seniors are still deciding and figuring things out — maybe going into college undecided and getting core classes out of the way, or starting in the family business to see how it goes.

Regardless of what they’re still unsure of, the graduating seniors all have plans. Most of the seniors are doing one of three things: college, military, or workforce.

The majority of students graduating are going on to colleges all throughout the state — and some even further. CHS has had graduates go all over, from Highlands to Harvard.

Most students feel that there’s pressure on them, pushing them towards college. 

“College is the next step in my journey. I’m excited to go to college, but I’m sad to leave home,” said Nicolas Seijo, a Cartersville senior.

Interestingly, college hasn’t always been a ‘necessity’. Colleges actually gained most of their traction shortly after WWII, then lulled a few decades later. Then, about in the 80s, the idea that everyone needs to go to college began being pushed.

While college is definitely beneficial, it isn’t the only option.

We have many students at CHS who are going into the military. All are joining for a variety of good reasons. Some students are joining out of patriotism and aspire to have a military career. Others are joining because of the extensive benefits that come after a few years of service.

That was the case for CHS Senior, Joshua Payne. When asked why he was considering the military option, he explained, “The benefits, even when you get out. The insurance, college, a military history. When you apply to jobs, they know you have a great work effort.”

Apart from the military, there are many careers needed in the workforce. According to Georgetown University, 36% of jobs don’t require any college degree. This includes high-paying jobs such as pilots, real estate agents, technicians, and many more.

Many seniors are going straight into their careers and some are carrying on a family business.  There are also plenty who find themselves working for bigger companies, some of which are right here, close to home.

Shaw Industries recently sent a representatives from Plant 15, based here in Cartersville, to CHS. They’re looking for graduates to fill some associate jobs starting this summer, and they promise lots of opportunities to move up in the company.

With only a few weeks left until graduation, the year is drawing to an end. While the class of 2019 may be sad that their time as a Cane is coming to an end, they certainly have a lot to look forward to after graduation.