MakerCare: Make a Difference


Ren Henson, Writer

 MakerCare is a new area in the library. It’s taken up shop where the beanbags sit, in the left backhand corner of the library. 

 At MakerCare, students create care packages for others in the community. Kids can take time during the school day to visit the area and make the crafts. 

 This is a common activity around the entire United States. It may be called “Hackerspace”, “Fablab”, “Techshop”, among others. There are some locations around  Georgia that are more than a designated area in a school. In Marietta, for example, there’s a paid membership to MakerSpace. In Gwinnett, they have Geekspace Gwinnett.  

Here in Cartersville High, the current projects underway are dog and cat toys, as well as jump ropes. There is a poster in the media center with clear instructions for each. 

The cat toys use a piece of fleece that is then cut, folded, and tied  into a ball that any feline would love. 

The dog toys use cotton shirts, cut into stripes. The stripes are then tied and knotted together until they resemble the tug-of-war braids from pet stores, only made with much more tender loving care.

The jump rope is created using plastic bags, cut so the maker can braid them all together to create the famous jump rope everyone remembers from childhood.  

The animal toys will be going to the Etowah Valley Humane Society, where there is a multitude of cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes. The shelter address is 36 Ladds Mountain Road, Cartersville, and their number is (770) 383-3338 (in case anyone is currently searching for an animal to love). They also desperately need volunteers to assist with day-to-day maintenance and care of the animals.

The jump ropes will be going to Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter, which houses up to 13 children ages 10-18 at one time.  Residents are offered 24hour care, as well as tutoring assistance and a variety of recreational activities. Click Here to view a wish list for items needed at the shelter. You may also click the following link to  sponsor meals and help feed the children. 

The MakerCare area in the library is open for any individual who wants to help the Humane Society or local children’s shelter, via the toys and jump ropes. 

Please come by and donate some time and TLC.