Maintaining Focus and Good Study Habits in the Spring Stretch


Trinity Turner, Writer

It’s coming to that time of year where students are practically over the school year. Procrastination becomes our best friend (or worst enemy), and we wait until the last minute to do our work and/or turn it in.

We are only a few months away from summertime, and this should be the last moment we begin slacking. These last month are most critical. Final exams are growing close, and grades should be top priority.

A lot of us students lack good study and work habits. We are either not motivated, lose focus quickly, or just flat out feel like it’s just too much work to bother.

There are a variety of work techniques out there to help us stay focused, however. Each of us have unique personalities that react with particular types of study habits better than others.

There are many students who have after school activities, and a lot of times busy schedules play a role in students not doing or completing their work.

Sophomore Hailey Muhammad had one potential solution. She explained: “Doing my homework during study hall or during class when we have extra time at the end keeps me from procrastinating later on, when I get home. Since it’s already out of the way I can come home from a day of track practice without having to worry about school work.”

Many of us should take advantage of her idea and avoid having too much to do once we get home and are tired and/or feeling lazy. 

When students were asked the techniques that best motivate or focus them, several had similar answers.

Aaliyah Davis a junior says that listening to music is her gateway to study success. “Listening to music is a way that I can concentrate. It tunes out everything else around me that can cause distraction.” 

Many students say this is a way they complete their work more efficiently, and I must agree. I find listening to music soothing, allowing me to concentrate more on my work, instead of focusing on the people or things in my surrounding areas.

A study group dedicated to school work could also be helpful for students struggling in class. It is always good to have someone to talk to who may understand the concept in ways you don’t. Having them teach you their way may help in the long run.

If every student set study goals for the end of the year, we would all be exceeding, or close to exceeding, our goals for better work ethics and better grades