Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave It

Feelings about the holiday from Chipper staff


Chipper Reporters penned their thoughts on the February “Holiday” named after  St. Valentine’s. As you  can see, it was a mixed bag…

Ren Henson — I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I’m 17, and this is my first Valentine’s Day I won’t spend alone. For people who don’t have a lover to celebrate the day with, it’s just a reminder that you’re single. Plus, it’s really monopolized- it’s all about who can get their significant other the biggest teddy bear, the most expensive chocolates, and the best dinner date. It’s ridiculous. And since the day has become such a monopolized day- none of the stuff is cheap. I paid $10 for a stuffed dog holding a heart! 

Itzury Gomez — I think Valentine’s Day is a good day to celebrate. It serves as a reminder to show our loved ones that we care about them. It feels nice to show your parents, teachers, and friends that you love them. Although I do believe that this is something that should be done every day, not just on Valentine’s. 

Katie Cox — The whole concept of Valentine’s Day makes no sense to me. I believe that if a person is in a relationship, they should appreciate and respect their significant other every single day, not just on the day where it is the “norm.” I don’t like how people feel forced to do something special for their S.O. just because everyone else is.  Another thing about it is how people are “shamed” because they are single. Some people choose to be single, or just don’t have a person to share it with at the moment, and they feel lonely or guilty for living their life. If a couple decides to celebrate this day, that is fine and all because it is their relationship, but I am not the biggest fan of this “holiday.” 

Lyle Forristall — Some people like Valentine’s Day, but I feel it is a useless scheme for big companies to get a little more cash in the uneventful month of February. It used to be a holiday celebrating love of others, but now big-time companies just use it as a money grab. What started as an innocent love holiday is now just a commercialized sales pitch.

Mack Morris — Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is a perfect excuse to pursue a new relationship or to build on one that you already have. All throughout mid-February it seems as if love is in the air with the anticipation for the holiday. Valentine’s Day provides an unparalleled opportunity to tell people how you really feel about them and to make your “special someone” feel truly loved. Nothing beats letting someone know they are loved, and Valentine’s is the perfect time to do it.

Presly Edwards — Every year, Valentines Day comes and goes. Personally I think the holiday is a bit silly. If you love someone you should show them all year round, not just one day out of the year. I think it is nice, however, to get with a friend and show them you appreciate them. For example, my best friend and I always get each other candy and a card just to be funny. I don’t see it to be a necessary holiday and I think spending tons of money on your significant other should be saved for something like their birthday.

Emily Butterworth — I’ve personally always enjoyed Valentines Day, even if it wasn’t for the reasons people usually do. I don’t think Valentines Day has to be about romance. Since no one really ever celebrates it for its original or historical purpose, you can basically make the day what you want it to be. I think it’s a good time to show people that you love and appreciate them, whether they’re your date, family, or friends.

Lauren Bruce — Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them, but too often the holiday is reduced to a time only for romance or a time for commercial benefit. Those views result in resentment and cynicism for those who seem to be excluded from the benefits of Valentine’s Day. Really, it should be a time to make sure your friends or S/O or family knows you love them. Besides, who doesn’t love an opportunity to buy half price chocolate?

Ryan McCrary — I don’t really care about Valentine’s day. I don’t have a girlfriend so I don’t do anything special for it. It’s a nice day for couples to celebrate their relationship. I’d say that I like the idea of having a day to recognize your special relationship with someone.

Thomas Smith — I am indifferent about Valentine’s Day. I have no reason to love Valentine’s because I’ve never really been apart of it. I can see why some might love it, especially the girls. Lots of people believe that it’s a day to show your special someone how much you love them by buying them things. I can also see it as a great opportunity for retailers to sell lots of candy, cards, and other assorted presents. I’m not really sure where I stand, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m probably obligated to buy my girlfriend a myriad of presents this Thursday.

Stanisha Watkins — When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s not necessarily my favorite. It seems like a normal day to me, maybe because I’m young and not in love but it doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t put that much thought into it. Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE the candy and the little gifts my dad gets me, but it’s not that great of a “holiday” I guess you can say. So if Valentine’s Day got left in 2018 it wouldn’t be so bad!  

Luke Simpson — Valentine’s Day began as a way to celebrate love among people, and it still is to a certain extent. Today it is used a purely commercial holiday to get money from people. The stores drain money from people to buy chocolate’s, bears, and flowers.  I have no problem with the day except that it’s gotten to a point where everything is about the money not love. So, I must dislike it for that reason that the holiday is no longer about love, but about the money that surrounds it.

Will Archer — The only reason Valentine’s Day still exists is because it’s INSANELY profitable for corporations. It’s been done over and over again in movies, stresses out boyfriends and girlfriends alike, and constitutes a whole month of the year where you’re not allowed to break up with someone, or else you’re a horrible person. It doesn’t really stand for anything either, unlike other over commercialized holidays like Christmas, which at least has the whole “spirit of generosity” thing going on, even if it looks a little bit more like the “spectre of capitalism.” Valentine’s Day keeps prices up and costs down by charging more for the highly demanded romantic items of the season and saving on advertising because it only has to last for one month. The dumbest part about Valentine’s is that couples already get a day to celebrate their relationship, and it doesn’t involve incessant advertising or jacked up prices. It’s called an Anniversary, and though most people celebrate them, for whatever reason, they don’t see it as a viable alternative to Valentine’s. The real insidious purpose of Valentine’s Day is to lure lonely singles into unhealthy relationships where they’ll spend all their spare money and perpetuate the cycle ad infinitum.

Shamyah Williams — I love valentines, it’s a time to bring out the chocolates, the flowers and the gifts, plan the perfect dates, and just make your partner feel like they’re wanted and loved. You don’t even have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can be by yourself, buy yourself a box a chocolate and some flowers, take yourself out and enjoy the day of love and hearts. 

Logan Cagle — In my opinion, Valentine’s day is just another pointless holiday.  It is said that the holiday is meant for love and romance, but why should you need a holiday to say that you love someone?  Little kids always look forward to holidays like Valentine’s day just for candy or little gifts from their family. Valentine’s day is used as a gimmick for stores to get you to pay high prices for cards and flowers.  The holiday has become diluted to the point where it is essentially meaningless.

Zoe Terry: A holiday that makes women and men feel downright terrible if they don’t have “the one.” A day that is surrounded with fake “I love you’s” and — worst of all — the disgusting hearts that surround the halls and lovey-dovey toys in store aisles. The only reason why I somewhat tolerate Valentine’s Day is because its also a day about self-love, which so many people need now-a-days