Pet Peeves


Kat Tinsley, Writer

We all have our own little pet peeves in our daily life that makes us tick. Maybe it’s someone who smacks their food, the word “moist”, or large groups who take up the entire walkway, or maybe it’s inconsiderate people with an inflated sense of their own importance? Everyone has something, but why?

A pet peeve is something that annoys you every time that it happens, but why is it called a “pet peeve”? According to psychologist and stress expert Deborah Rozman, they’re called pet peeves because, in our own weird way, we’ve grown attached to them. “Pet peeves proceed from old fears, old insecurities that we’ve fed until they’ve become habits.” So do our everyday annoyances have a underlying meaning?

Some say it has ties to our ancestry and it’s our natural response of disgust to things that could be a danger to our health. Such as a feeling of disgust towards slimy foods to avoid consumption of anything poisonous. Or even some words that trigger a uncomfortable feeling like “moist” because the sound of the word or how we feel saying it.

What little things drive CHS students and staff crazy and why?

  • “People who lie or manipulate the truth in any fashion, I want to throat punch.”  -Mr. Bullock
  • “When students ask me what are we going to do today… just wait.”  -Ms. Zaldivar
  • “When you give students a calendar of all their tests and quizzes and they act surprised.”  -Mrs. Walker
  • “I hate wet socks, people who talk at the movies, or people who don’t hold the door open for somebody.” -Mrs. Moore
  • “When people assume that you’re not busy because they are busy, talking when someone else is, not picking up after yourself, etc.” – Mr. Shive
  • “ When people try to one up you or act better than you.” -Zoe Chattman
  • “ Driving in general, stupid drivers.”  -Sid Rowser
  • “When freshman think it’s okay to show puppy love in the hallways and almost make me late for class.” -London Shaw
  • “People coming out of both doors, not going through the right door.”  -Hallie Collins

So what are some of your pet peeves? Do you think yours may have a underlying psychological meaning? Comment yours below or comment your favorite one!