Words Matter


Lyle Forristall, Writer

Coach Moore has had a couple of speakers and a comfort dog visiting her health classes to discuss sex trafficking and exploitation. Every week, a slightly different topic is presented.

This past week the group explored how words can be used constructively, to build confidence, and destructively, to destroy it.  The class watched a video of teens who have been exploited and who discussed the various derogatory terms they’ve been called. 

After watching the video, the class participated in an activity where students wrote down all negative terms and phrases that have been used against them throughout their lives. Together, the class then physically replaced the phrases with positive ones.

Kacey, the speaker, explained how powerful words are and how language affects and defines the way individuals see themselves.  If a person hears they are an abomination over and over again, there’s a good chance they’ll start to believe it. But if they are told they’re a good friend, someone easy to talk to and confide in, trustworthy and true, they will begin to believe that. 

Students in Mrs. Moore’s health classes have learned the profound impact of words and how to speak in ways that empower and strengthen both themselves and others.