Lost and Found


Lyle Forristall, Writer

The Cartersville High School lost and found is located in the main office. It is cleared out every month and donated to varying charities. 

Most of what is in the lost and found is clothing, but there are other objects such as shoes, sports jackets, purses, lunch boxes, hats, glasses, keys, earbuds, notebooks, textbooks, and phones. The more valuable items are not put into the lost and found, but are kept by Terri Jones, the school’s secretary, for safety purposes. If you have lost something valuable, you will have to describe it to her before you get it back. 

The vast majority of what is lost is found in the cafeteria by the janitorial crew and turned into the front office. On average the items are worth $200-$250, which is a fair share of change. So make sure you have everything before you leave any area, particularly public gathering areas like the lunchroom and Storm Center.

If you have lost anything, please check out the lost and found in the front office.