Poll: Pineapple Pizza: Domino’s Deep Dish or Grocery Produce Section


A pizza that pineapple lovers are sure to enjoy.

Itzury Gomez, Writer

Some pizza-lovers say that pineapple is the best topping in the world, while others firmly oppose the idea. While some folks simply prefer traditional pizza or have not tried it with the tropical fruit,  many are quite vocal about the subject…

When the pro-pineapple people around CHS were asked why they love it on their pizza so much, most stated “it’s a good combination,” or claim it tastes particularly “amazing with ham.” One very enthusiastic person even went so far as to argue, “It’s the only pizza there is!”

The naysayers were equally adamant, one claiming that “the juice of the pineapple distracts from all the other flavors” and still another who stated that “fruit simply does not belong on pizza.” 

What side of the pineapple pizza argument are you on? You can let us know by taking the pineapple pizza poll on our website.

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