New CHS Latin Teacher: Aaron Ivey

Katie Cox, Writer

When Mr. Ivey first thought of teaching, he was in high school. His Spanish teacher at the time was an inspiration to him and planted the seeds of teaching. Mr. Ivey explains, “We would learn Spanish songs. He was a goofy guy overall… and inspired me to get into the field.”

When asked about a career other than Latin, he responded, “I was also into graphic design. If I wasn’t in teaching, I would probably be doing that [or] get my master’s degree in Russian, and then do governmental work.”  

Mr. Ivey has gotten three bachelor’s degrees from the University of Georgia and received his master’s degree in May of 2017. His girlfriend also has a language degree in Latin.  

The first time Mr. Ivey passed through Cartersville was when he lived at UGA and was headed to North Georgia a few years back. He got off at a random exit, ate at a random downtown Krystal, and then found his way back to the interstate.  

This is Ivey’s second year teaching, but his first teaching only Latin. He was one of three Latin teachers at South Forsyth High School. “I really just wanted a chance to kind of have my own program. I think I wound up in a good spot.”  

Growing up in Trenton, Georgia, Ivey was an only child and became a first-generation college student in his family tree. He was on his own when it came to university materials. However, he overcame the obstacles and landed a wonderful job teaching.  

A few fun facts about Mr. Ivey… He considers his spirit animal to be an owl. He is very into Greek mythology and an owl is associated with Athena, for she is the goddess of wisdom. Another career Aaron would choose other than teaching is author. “I think a writer would be an interesting career to have.”  

If he had the choice to live somewhere else other than Georgia, he would have to pick New England. He continued by saying, “It is super pretty up there and I love the cold weather.” If outside the US, he would choose either Greece or Scotland. He loves the history of both nations and the feeling of romance and mystery in Scotland.