For nearly eighty years, The Chipper has served as the official student news publication of Cartersville High School. Founded in 1938, the name Chipper was the winning suggestion in a contest to name the school’s newspaper. To put Chipper’s age in perspective, it has seen twelve presidents, a world war, integration of the Cartersville School System, the first man on the moon, the Vietnam War, the disco, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11, and numerous principals. It has been there through all that, and has consistently provided CHS students, as well as staff, with the news at their school.

Many members of past Chipper staffs have gone on to prominent careers in education, government, and the medical field, to name a few. Some of the teachers here at CHS were even members of Chipper, one being Mrs. Stone. For a large portion of its history, Chipper was advised by Gwen Marler, or “Granny” as she was lovingly nicknamed. It is believed that Granny is system record holder for longest tenure in system, at 58 years. Without Granny, Chipper wouldn’t be the success it has become. In fact, under her guidance, Chipper was constantly the recipient of awards. It was even the recipient of House and Senate Resolutions, honoring it on the floor of the Capitol.

Thank you for your continued support of Chipper.

-Austin Lunde and Hadley Hopkins