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Kaylee Adams
Kaylee is a senior who plans to graduate with honors-with-distinction from Cartersville High. Her entire school career has been spent in the Cartersville City School System. She is a middle child with two brothers who also attend/graduated from  Cartersville. In her free time, Kaylee plays volleyball for the school and works at Starbucks.  She enjoys being around her friends and spending time with her family. One of Kaylee’s pet peeves is people messing with, or talking in, her ears. That is a non-negotiable.  After graduating, Kaylee plans on going to KSU for a year and then transferring to UGA. Her plan right now is to go into NICU nursing (or basically anywhere in the pediatric field). Kaylee is a very blunt, outgoing individual, who is not shy with her opinions and won't hold back on how she feels.  

Kaylee Adams, Writer

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Kaylee Adams