Smart Water


Taylor Benham, Writer

A water filter removes sediment and unwanted substances (harmful chemicals, toxins) from our water. A filter improves taste and odor and reduces the level of many chemical contaminants. 

 A water purifier is a system that removes 90-95% of all contaminants in water. There are three purifier technologies: reverse-osmosis, deionization, and distillation. 

Bottled water isn’t working, it takes 3 liters of water for the cleaning and manufacturing process that yields 1 liter of drinking water. The bottling process releases tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year.  

Water filtration saves money. Tap water costs less than a penny a gallon; bottled water costs 300 times more. Tap water filtration only adds about 2 cents to the cost of tap water. 

Water filtration systems are low maintenance. Point-of-use filters and water pitcher filters use replaceable carbon filters. Shower, laundry, dishwashing water utilizes as-is tap water, but your family’s drinking water is purified. Filtered water tastes better and smells better too. 

Many parents are hesitant to enable their children to drink the water from the school water fountain. Most of the municipal waters in the United States are monitored by the government to make it safe and free of germs.  But the water that comes out of the taps of your homes, school fountains and fire hydrants are all the same. There are also schools that get their water source from public supplies, and they do not have a test for toxins.  

With this, it is possible that it contains harmful contaminants, and no one would even know about it. The water from the school drinking fountain is not 100% safe because of various factors.  

By Cartersville High School adding a place where students can fill their own water bottles up with cleaner water and save thousands of plastic bottles by the day is a great improvement.   

Students and staff will now feel more secure knowing that their water came from a purifier and nobody’s mouth has been all over the water fountain. Thank you, FBLA, for purchasing this water purifying system for our school.