No More Normal

No More Normal

Lily Gochee

Normal life is gone,

This new season bears down hard.

Gripping us with its teeth,

It gnaws and claws at the mind.


It begs for us to succumb,

To the madness slowly slipping in.

This new demon is like nothing we have ever seen,

Causing strife and pain in its wake.


It savors our downtrodden souls,

Wanting more and more.

It continues to take away

Everything we once knew.


Hysteria settles in,

Taking away a peace we once knew.

These unprecedented times put a spell on us;

A bleak haze that no one can escape.


Every individual person,

Trapped in their own prison of the mind.

Boredom becomes a friend we never wanted,

As we wander the halls of our homes.


But even amongst the panic,

If one looks close enough,

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel;

Pouring out hope for all to believe in.


We must stay on our guard,

And not succumb to the monster.

We must stick together in these times;

Forgetting the differences that once set us apart.


We must find normal and routines,

Distractions that shrink the demons.

Find your rock that keeps you sane;

For we WILL get back to our lives soon!