Senior Traditions

Stanisha Watkins, Reporter

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Senior traditions always bookend a school year, welcoming freshmen at the beginning and leaving a legacy at the end.

The senior traditions begin with Rolling Night. Every year, the night before the first day of school, roving groups of senior girls travel across town, rolling freshmen girls’ houses. They’ve spent weeks gathering tissue, sprinkles, silly string, and plates laden with personalized messages just for the occasion. For most of the night (senior girls don’t typically get home until around 4 AM), these groups “decorate” houses and initiate freshmen girls into the Cartersville student community.

Seniors also decorate the school campus for the new school year. Posters and post-it notes are plastered on freshmen lockers and in the hallways, sending encouraging words and helpful advise for getting through high school. Some are serious; many are humorous.

The year ends with a senior tradition, as well. Class representatives get together to determine their “senior prank.” After input from as many individuals as possible, ideas are discussed and voted upon. Throughout the years, there have been numerous and varied pranks, from a big block party in the courtyard (complete with trucks and loud music), to family dogs attending class with seniors, to live chickens (yes, chickens!) roaming the hallways… It will be exciting to see what this year’s senior class will plan.

Cartersville seniors are active members of a school committed to excellence in so many ways — including its rich history of traditions.